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The unique Shofar Factory program provides your students with new insights into the significant role of the Shofar during Rosh Hashana as well as its creation.

            This program begins with a brief discussion about Shofarot, using stuffed animal heads, and various horns as visual aids. The highlight of the Shofar Factory is the actual crafting of a Shofar from the raw horn of a ram into a simple, yet beautiful, instrument. Students can have the opportunity, to saw, drill, polish, and shellac the horn to create a genuine kosher Shofar. We will teach participants how to sound the Shofar following the traditional sequence of notes blown on Rosh Hashana.

            For an additional fee, each student can take home his or her very own Shofar or Shofar key chain.

Age: 2+
Show Duration: 45 min

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