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Security alarms, watchmen, CCTV cameras… All these take a back seat to a truly astonishing revelation. Students are mesmerized when they learn that a Mezuzah hanging on a doorpost provides the highest level of spiritual protection to a home!

With a brief explanation on the inscription inside the Mezuzah and what it means for the people inside the house, the students move on to the actual Mezuzah making process. Parchment is sanded, quills are fashioned from feathers and an array of cases show the students how truly beautiful this Mitzvah is.
Diagrams help the children understand where the Mezuzah is placed in the home.

Finally, they are ready to decorate their very own brass Mezuzah case. Each student can go to sleep after this workshop with the knowledge that they are truly protected!

Age: 3 +
Duration: 1 Hour

Mezuzah Pictures