This workshop introduces students to the traditional ceremony by discussing its significance, examining the various items used in the ceremony and reviewing the procedures and blessings. The students create their very own Havdalah kit which includes an authentic braided bees wax candle, a beautiful fragrance holder filled with besamim (special havdallah spices), and a beautiful full color Havdalah card.

After a fascinating orientation on the history and customs of the havdalah service, the students begin working on the ritual items needed for this ceremony.  To do this, participants use specially designed candle making machinery and accessories to dip long wicks into melted bees wax, available in an assortment of colors.  Once cooled, the bees wax candles are braided to produce an authentic havdalah candle that any candle maker would be proud of.  The students also make a beautiful fragrance holder with the special havdalah spices.

Finally, all the students gather together; the grape juice is poured, the lights are dimmed, the candles are lit, volunteers are called to lead the havdalah ceremony, and everyone enjoys a cup of delicious grape juice.

A special Saturday night havdalah ceremony is available with this workshop.

Age: 3 +
Duration: 1 Hour

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