The extraordinary process of making a Torah is long, complex and quite detailed. The children will gain an appreciation of the skills necessary for this intricate job through the Torah Factory. They view the process of making a Torah scroll starting with the raw hide and continuing through tanning and sanding until the parchment is complete. Special ornaments are used with the Torah, from the sticks it is rolled on, and the pointer used to read, to the special cloth it is dressed in, and the beautiful crown placed on top. Their purpose and underlying reason are all part of the discussion.

Excitement grows as students mix the basic ingredients used to make ink for writing the scroll. Next they whittle the end of a goose quill to create the writing instrument. Everyone gets a chance to write their Hebrew name on a piece of parchment in the traditional script.

For an additional fee, each student can take home his or her very own Sofer’s kit. 

Age: 3+
Duration: 45 minutes  

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