The Olive Press Show is an amazing hands-on workshop which your students will never forget.

Bring the light and joy of Chanukah into your classroom through the Olive Press program. This program introduces students to the actual production of olive oil, used in a Chanukah Menorah.

Using an array of modern and ancient instruments to recreate this process, students meet Judah the Maccabee, pick fresh olives and squeeze them with a hand press. They strain the juice and spin it in a centrifuge that separates the pure oil. Each participant fashions a wick out of cotton, and when the oil is purified, the children fill and light a Menorah.

Each student will also take home a wick, Draddel & a tube of olive oil.

For an additional fee, students may Make their very own doughnuts or craft and take home their very own Menorah, make bees wax candles or  make a sand art project.

Age: 2+

Duration: 45 minutes  
Contact: 561-998-5391
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